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Factors That Make France Ideal for Buying a Castle

Factors That Make France Ideal for Buying a Castle

December 14, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

 Buying a French Castle

There are many places where you could buy a castle. But why should you choose to buy your castle in France and not any other place? Have you ever asked yourself why most successful business persons and international celebs prefer buying or living in French chateaux? There must be something unique about this place France that keeps attracting people. If it is dawning on you now, below are reasons why France is the best place to invest in a castle.

Most countries have very hectic lives. People are always on the move trying to beat strict schedules at work. They spend less time during lunch and dinner. In fact, it is not surprising to see people having their lunch on the computer desk at work in most countries. Some even carry assignments from their work places to finish them at home. This means that they may not spend time with the family during dinner, or the dinner can be so brief. Much as you may be working to support your family, you should not forget that this family also needs you.

Why people buy French Castles

France as a nation is associated with a slower lifestyle. People take time to enjoy the little things that life has to offer. One of such things is family. People have extended time at dinner, lunch and there is more time to enjoy with one’s family. If you buy a castle in France, it would be so benefiting. In some countries people are so busy that they rarely stop to shake hands. They only wave as they go about their busy schedules. No one can feel comfortable owning a house in such a place. Even visiting such a place as a traveller may not be so interesting. If the natives are usually busy with their personal lives, you may feel odd or out-of-place.

That is one of the reasons why France is the most ideal place to invest in a castle. If you want to buy a castle as way to escape the busy town life, then get a perfect location in France. Immediately you get to that country, you will have the feel of a different lifestyle, which is relaxing and enjoyable. That is what you will need if your life is always full of work activities.

In addition, real estate experts say that most prefer buying French castles because the country has a better quality life. To begin with, they say France has a healthier lifestyle. People who work and live in France pay some extra amount of money to receive free prescriptions. However, a good chunk of the payments that goes to the doctors still find their way into the people’s accounts. In fact, the amount is estimated to be about seventy percent. That notwithstanding, those people are still sure that once they fall sick, they will receive quality treatment and the bills will not be exaggerated. That is not the case with other places where people are taxed heavily and still get huge medical bills.

The Lifestyle Of Owning a French Castle

In most countries, vacations are very short and some are not paid during this period. On the other hand, France is known to have some of the longest vacations in history. Nevertheless, people are still paid for the full year even with what some people would call extraordinarily long vacations. What is more is the fact that people get paid even when they move. Sometimes moving can take days. During these days, you will not be at work as you have to ensure the safety of your property. You can always move in France without worrying that you could miss your pay. In fact, the truth is that people get extra off days during such circumstances. Other scenarios that give workers extra off days are when they are getting married or when they get a baby.

Why Buy A Castle In France

France is considered to be the source of love by most individuals. As such, marriage is seen as a very important occasion in people’s lives. Employers recognize it as an event worth offering some off days. Additionally, even men get off days when their wives are having a baby. This is something that is not acceptable in many countries. If you bought a chateau in France and even moved there, you would benefit from such perks.

Further still, France is home to some of the world’s most scenic views. There are great beaches, mountains, including the fact that most of its vineyards are still intact. You can imagine taking a walking in a vineyard. This is so relaxing and it can even be more comforting when the vineyard is in your castle! The cities are also quite comfortable. Towns are very friendly to pedestrians, which is very encouraging for those who love to take a walk. Some cities are not quite friendly to those on foot. Busy cars and motorbikes can knock you down. If not one of those, people rushing to work and other places will mishandle you on the way since you will be some sort of obstruction to them. You can never have peace of mind walking in such cities.

Many critics would want to dispute that the French do not have a healthy lifestyle. They attribute this to the fact that they eat a lot of red meat, drink excessively, and also smoke so much. However, they have ways of compensating for all that. For instance, the French are known to be great sportsmen. They participate in entirely every sport. In addition, exercising is taken seriously in that nation. People are encouraged to exercise almost everywhere. The longer vacations give people enough time to exercise and relax. They therefore go back to work when they are highly productive. This is why even with the drinking and smoking, people there live longer than those in most countries do.

Who would not want to live in a place where people have long life expectancy? By virtue of associating with them by purchasing a castle, you can pick some of the best practices to have similar long lifespan.

In as much as smoking is a tradition in France, health has taken precedence over the long time smoking tradition. Smoking in public is prohibited. This means that no one is forced to be a passive smoker against their will. If you want to buy a home in France and you are not accustomed to smoking, you will not be forced to like their smoking tradition. Much as smoking is their long-time practice, the truth is that some people hate the stench of cigarette smoke. If you are one of such persons, you should have nothing to worry about if you bought a castle there.

Why France Makes a Good Location For Owning a Castle

France has very convenient and efficient public transportation system. In most countries, people choose top drive themselves during their various engagements because public transport is not reliable. In France, bus and train are the most commonly used means of public transport. However, the thing that makes them effective is the fact that you can use them to go almost anywhere you want. What is that you will take the same amount of time you would take driving on your own. This is equally one of the factors that make life simple and affordable in France. Owning a home in this place can be so satisfying. You will not be compelled to spend most of your money on buying fuel. It is a fact that fuel prices have always been on the rise. It is one of the commodities that have greatly made other items to shift their prices upwards. Owning a castle in a place where you have the option not to drive can really make a huge difference in your life.

Traditionally, French houses are built with shutters. These devices make a big difference in the lifestyles that the French lead. To begin with, they are important to the house as they assist in controlling room temperatures. Secondly, they are a perfect way to help protect burglars from breaking into your house. This means that you will always be at peace knowing your house is safe. However, the arguably most important function of shutters is that they allow people to have a good night’s sleep by preventing any noise and light from outside that would otherwise have caused disturbance. This has made the French to be healthy than people from other nations. If you buy a French castle, you are likely to benefit the same way.

It is important to own a home in a place where you can easily move around. France as a nation is not so big. One can easily traverse different places within a short time. With all the landscapes and sceneries in France, owning a castle there would be prestigious. On the other hand, it is advantageous that the sceneries are not far placed from each other. In some countries, it would force you to take a flight in order to see some of the sceneries and be back home on the same day. However, in France, you can achieve all that by driving, taking a train or a bus.

Whilst the country is small in size, different regions are so unique in their own way. Visiting each one of them could give you the impression that you are in another country. This implies that if you own a castle in France, you will never run short of great places to visit. There is an incredible Roman ruin that dates more than 2,000 years in history to Normandy beaches. What is more is that the expeditions are not so costly. However, most importantly, the French speak one language. You will not have difficulties changing from one language to another.


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