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Chateaux Styles And Designs

Chateaux Styles And Designs

January 3, 2014 in Blog, Chateau News by

 Chateaux Styles

Architecture has always been of great importance in France. As a country, they have longed been famed for the stylish abodes of their rulers and aristocracy. In the modern era, the French countryside is still scattered with innumerable examples of stunning chateaux, in styles ranging from Gothic to Neoclassical. If you are looking to purchase a luxury chateau, chances are you have a clear image in your mind of your perfect property. The search for your dream chateau can be a long one, with so many properties available, in so many styles, settings, and states of repair. A great starting point when approaching an agent to source your chateau is to know a thing or two about the style of architecture that you are most attracted to. Below, you will find a list of the main characteristics of each major architectural style to help you pin down just what you are looking for.


The first chateaux, built-in the Middle Ages, were heavily fortified castles. Surrounded by large walls, they were usually built on promontories above settlements and villages. Basically symbols of strength and feudal authority, examples include Mon St Michel, Avignon, Chinon and Carcassone. Many are now in a state of disrepair or owned by the state and maintained as historical attractions. Châteaufort style properties usually require a lot of maintenance and a hefty budget to own.


Gothic style chateaux are distinguished by their arched windows and doors, as well as tall elegant spires. Inspired by the architecture of medieval churches and castles, they are typically very ornate and lacking symmetry. Gothic architecture developed along with the Romanticism movement, to which freedom of expression was integral. The designs tend to incorporate nature and these stunning buildings have provided inspiration for great plays, poems and novels.


The Renaissance period ran from the middle of the 15th century up until the early 17th Century, and it spread across different regions in Europe. The word renaissance means rebirth – and the movement was a conscious revival of Greek and Roman culture and ideals. Renaissance chateaux often feature domes, columns, and facades – their design incorporating a great deal of symmetry and geometry.


A prime example of Baroque architecture is Palace of Versailles commissioned by Louis XIV. The design was inspired by the residence of his finance minister. Baroque styles incorporate dynamism – a sense of motion. Sweeping curves and richly sculpted surfaces abound. Most Baroque designs feature complexity and decoration.


From the French words rocaille and coquille, meaning rock and pebble, Rococo is a term used for a style similar to Baroque, but using light pastel colours and smooth designs. Typically these chateaux are more gentle and playful than those of the weighty Baroque style.


Neoclassical designs share some features with those of the Renaissance period, but a greater familiarity with Roman ruins saw the development of the distinctive Temple style. Properties in this style are most obviously distinguished by the architect’s use of peristyle or colonnades.

French Chateaux For Sale – Why Buy A French Chateau?

French Chateaux For Sale – Why Buy A French Chateau?

December 20, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

French Chateaux For Sale

Imagine a vision of mystique surrounded by a foreboding sense of romance. The imposing manor house with the ornate trappings of a medieval touch has an expansive land view from the windows that gives you that sense of only looking at your land.

With or without fortifications, this country house of nobility is a towering figure in the Real Estate fraternity. Chateaux were built both for the grand outlook and a security haven for the loved ones of the upper echelon class in the nineteenth century.

What is the difference between French Chateaus and English Castles?

The French Chateau is an exclusive Residence of the Lord of the Manor with stables, a brewery, a housing unit for servants just but to mention a few all at the disposal of the owner. Perhaps what distinguishes the Chateau from the English Castle is the eerie image of mystery surrounding every piece of the property with a full touch of romance giving it a sense of unchallenged superiority.

With the clarification of the law on income and wealth in France, the large estates offer  a better value for money compared to other high-end property Chateaux have a large and expansive chunks of land accredited to them with an array of floor space, lakes and  outbuildings.

Usages of a French Chateaux

A French Chateau is a property that can be bought for the tourism business or a home in a far way country for your family to use as a Holiday destination.

Remember, while buying a chateau you have an option of acquiring a property with little land and a large and imposing house that can be used for accommodation as a Hotel or a small house and a huge tract of land that can be utilized for hunting and other outdoor sport.

Based on the aesthetic historical value of the Chateau, many a bride would dream of doing a wedding in one of these locations be it to have an everlasting memory of their wedding day. They offer a perfect setup for this romantic rendezvous.

All chateaux have their own style of decoration whether they are from the 10th or 20th Century. Dependent on the ownership, the different decorations and trappings in the chateau will bespeak of different periods during the change of ownership.

More-so, this will be explained by the financial ability or disability of the previous owner or owners. In real sense, you are buying a priceless piece of history when you invest in a Chateau.

French Chateaux Prices

French chateaux for sale prices range from 300,000 Euros to 20 Million Euros. The more you spend initially will largely depend on the amount of land you get and the floor space of the building. After the initial investment you may or may not need to do some renovations depending on the property you acquired.

In most cases the time taken to do the renovations could be more than anticipated but will be within your budget if you know what you bargained for.

Acquiring a chateaux in France can be a rewarding venture that will not only fulfil your dream of living in the historical romance stories only found in France, but you can also make it a profit making endeavour by turning it into a Hotel full with restaurants and great rooms.

This way you will also give the wedding couples a chance of living their dream of getting married in the splendour and grandiose only provided by a Chateau. Good luck as you search for one of the pieces of History that makes France the choice of any a tourist.

Top Tips for Choosing Ideal French Castles

Top Tips for Choosing Ideal French Castles

December 14, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

Find French Castle For Sale

That being said, it is important to ensure that you have a castle that suits you. This is the case with choosing your house. You have to get one that is a perfect match for you. You might end up choosing a castle that you will get bored staying in. Therefore, before investing your money in any chateau in France, you have to look into a number of factors.

To begin with, you have to know your needs before you go out shopping for a castle. You should ask yourself why you are buying the chateau in the first place. Some people would want to own a castle just for pride as an example. Such people will look for the biggest and most expensive castles in France. Owning such a home is what will give you the satisfaction you are seeking.

Purchase a Castle Business

However, if you want to buy a castle that you can rent out, or one that you intend to sell in the near future, you have to one that will attract business. Conduct proper research to know the things that most people who hire castles look out for. Again, this is a very tricky point since different customers have unique likes. On the other hand, you have to be careful enough to get a one that has most of what they will seek. This is why the process of buying a French castle should never be taken lightly if you intend to use it as an investment opportunity.

Locations of French Castles

The location of the castle could also be a vital factor for buying it. You have to consider that most people want to live in chateau as an option to the tiring and hectic town life. If you want to lease it to prospective clients, buy one that is conveniently located. You should not let your customers have another feel of the demanding life in the cities. Nevertheless, France generally has a relaxed lifestyle. If you want to use the castle as your permanent residence, you should buy one that is close to infrastructure and communication lines. This will help you make use of public transport and save on fuel. However, it all depends on your needs.

For those people who want to stay in the castles with their families, it is important to buy one that is close to the social amenities. If you do not have a budget for fuelling your car regularly, this should be a mandatory factor for choosing a French castle.

Much as French castles are known to be unique, you should buy one whose style is unique. Normally, this is what the French call crème de la crème. In fact, for those who wish to do business with the castles they buy, this should be a crucial factor. Most people lease castles because they love the style with which it was made. You must do thorough research and buy a French castle that will never run out of customers.

Size of French Castles

The size of the French castle you want to buy is equally important. This size should be equally proportional to the size of your family. It should be one that will accommodate your family comfortable. Nonetheless, this should not be anything to worry you as almost all the castles are too big for the ordinary families. At the same time, you should look for other unique features in that home. For instance, does it have an orchard or a stream? One of the things that make people fall for French castles is that most of them have gardens, streams, unique plantations among others. Many of the successful people in the society are in love with vineyards. If you want them to hire your castle, this should be one of the things you should look out for. They fancy walking in the vineyards as they find it quite relaxing. In essence, an ideal castle should be a combination of the feel of the countryside and prestige.

Something else you should be keen to establish when looking to buy a French castle is its history. You should establish who the initial owner of the home was. Who was this person in society is also important. People are always looking to spend time in castles owned by some specific people in history. Such a castle would be ideal for business. You will never run short of customers who want to spend time at the castle.

French Castle Values

In as much as most of the French castles have passed through people who understood the value of a good home, it is important to look at the condition of the house. Will it cost you so much in terms of renovations and maintenance? If yes, then you must be sure that your investments pay in the long-run. In addition, if you want to use it for business, you should determine if the castle has enough room to allow you to customize it for business. For instance, you may want to add a few more structures to make the place self-sufficient.

Yet again, much as infrastructure is not an essential factor, it could be important especially if you want to use it for getting more revenue. One of the things you have to consider is determining if amenities such as internet can reach the place.

Buy a French Castle

Finally, you can only buy a French castle that is within your means. Therefore, as you search for the castle to buy, you must have your budget in mind. It would be worthless trying to negotiate for a castle that is way beyond your means. Save time by looking for a nice and affordable French castle.

At the end of the day, it is inevitable that a French castle is a must have property. Its benefits range from personal to business. On the other hand, you have to be sure you are buying one that satisfies all your needs.

Factors That Make France Ideal for Buying a Castle

Factors That Make France Ideal for Buying a Castle

December 14, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

 Buying a French Castle

There are many places where you could buy a castle. But why should you choose to buy your castle in France and not any other place? Have you ever asked yourself why most successful business persons and international celebs prefer buying or living in French chateaux? There must be something unique about this place France that keeps attracting people. If it is dawning on you now, below are reasons why France is the best place to invest in a castle.

Most countries have very hectic lives. People are always on the move trying to beat strict schedules at work. They spend less time during lunch and dinner. In fact, it is not surprising to see people having their lunch on the computer desk at work in most countries. Some even carry assignments from their work places to finish them at home. This means that they may not spend time with the family during dinner, or the dinner can be so brief. Much as you may be working to support your family, you should not forget that this family also needs you.

Why people buy French Castles

France as a nation is associated with a slower lifestyle. People take time to enjoy the little things that life has to offer. One of such things is family. People have extended time at dinner, lunch and there is more time to enjoy with one’s family. If you buy a castle in France, it would be so benefiting. In some countries people are so busy that they rarely stop to shake hands. They only wave as they go about their busy schedules. No one can feel comfortable owning a house in such a place. Even visiting such a place as a traveller may not be so interesting. If the natives are usually busy with their personal lives, you may feel odd or out-of-place.

That is one of the reasons why France is the most ideal place to invest in a castle. If you want to buy a castle as way to escape the busy town life, then get a perfect location in France. Immediately you get to that country, you will have the feel of a different lifestyle, which is relaxing and enjoyable. That is what you will need if your life is always full of work activities.

In addition, real estate experts say that most prefer buying French castles because the country has a better quality life. To begin with, they say France has a healthier lifestyle. People who work and live in France pay some extra amount of money to receive free prescriptions. However, a good chunk of the payments that goes to the doctors still find their way into the people’s accounts. In fact, the amount is estimated to be about seventy percent. That notwithstanding, those people are still sure that once they fall sick, they will receive quality treatment and the bills will not be exaggerated. That is not the case with other places where people are taxed heavily and still get huge medical bills.

The Lifestyle Of Owning a French Castle

In most countries, vacations are very short and some are not paid during this period. On the other hand, France is known to have some of the longest vacations in history. Nevertheless, people are still paid for the full year even with what some people would call extraordinarily long vacations. What is more is the fact that people get paid even when they move. Sometimes moving can take days. During these days, you will not be at work as you have to ensure the safety of your property. You can always move in France without worrying that you could miss your pay. In fact, the truth is that people get extra off days during such circumstances. Other scenarios that give workers extra off days are when they are getting married or when they get a baby.

Why Buy A Castle In France

France is considered to be the source of love by most individuals. As such, marriage is seen as a very important occasion in people’s lives. Employers recognize it as an event worth offering some off days. Additionally, even men get off days when their wives are having a baby. This is something that is not acceptable in many countries. If you bought a chateau in France and even moved there, you would benefit from such perks.

Further still, France is home to some of the world’s most scenic views. There are great beaches, mountains, including the fact that most of its vineyards are still intact. You can imagine taking a walking in a vineyard. This is so relaxing and it can even be more comforting when the vineyard is in your castle! The cities are also quite comfortable. Towns are very friendly to pedestrians, which is very encouraging for those who love to take a walk. Some cities are not quite friendly to those on foot. Busy cars and motorbikes can knock you down. If not one of those, people rushing to work and other places will mishandle you on the way since you will be some sort of obstruction to them. You can never have peace of mind walking in such cities.

Many critics would want to dispute that the French do not have a healthy lifestyle. They attribute this to the fact that they eat a lot of red meat, drink excessively, and also smoke so much. However, they have ways of compensating for all that. For instance, the French are known to be great sportsmen. They participate in entirely every sport. In addition, exercising is taken seriously in that nation. People are encouraged to exercise almost everywhere. The longer vacations give people enough time to exercise and relax. They therefore go back to work when they are highly productive. This is why even with the drinking and smoking, people there live longer than those in most countries do.

Who would not want to live in a place where people have long life expectancy? By virtue of associating with them by purchasing a castle, you can pick some of the best practices to have similar long lifespan.

In as much as smoking is a tradition in France, health has taken precedence over the long time smoking tradition. Smoking in public is prohibited. This means that no one is forced to be a passive smoker against their will. If you want to buy a home in France and you are not accustomed to smoking, you will not be forced to like their smoking tradition. Much as smoking is their long-time practice, the truth is that some people hate the stench of cigarette smoke. If you are one of such persons, you should have nothing to worry about if you bought a castle there.

Why France Makes a Good Location For Owning a Castle

France has very convenient and efficient public transportation system. In most countries, people choose top drive themselves during their various engagements because public transport is not reliable. In France, bus and train are the most commonly used means of public transport. However, the thing that makes them effective is the fact that you can use them to go almost anywhere you want. What is that you will take the same amount of time you would take driving on your own. This is equally one of the factors that make life simple and affordable in France. Owning a home in this place can be so satisfying. You will not be compelled to spend most of your money on buying fuel. It is a fact that fuel prices have always been on the rise. It is one of the commodities that have greatly made other items to shift their prices upwards. Owning a castle in a place where you have the option not to drive can really make a huge difference in your life.

Traditionally, French houses are built with shutters. These devices make a big difference in the lifestyles that the French lead. To begin with, they are important to the house as they assist in controlling room temperatures. Secondly, they are a perfect way to help protect burglars from breaking into your house. This means that you will always be at peace knowing your house is safe. However, the arguably most important function of shutters is that they allow people to have a good night’s sleep by preventing any noise and light from outside that would otherwise have caused disturbance. This has made the French to be healthy than people from other nations. If you buy a French castle, you are likely to benefit the same way.

It is important to own a home in a place where you can easily move around. France as a nation is not so big. One can easily traverse different places within a short time. With all the landscapes and sceneries in France, owning a castle there would be prestigious. On the other hand, it is advantageous that the sceneries are not far placed from each other. In some countries, it would force you to take a flight in order to see some of the sceneries and be back home on the same day. However, in France, you can achieve all that by driving, taking a train or a bus.

Whilst the country is small in size, different regions are so unique in their own way. Visiting each one of them could give you the impression that you are in another country. This implies that if you own a castle in France, you will never run short of great places to visit. There is an incredible Roman ruin that dates more than 2,000 years in history to Normandy beaches. What is more is that the expeditions are not so costly. However, most importantly, the French speak one language. You will not have difficulties changing from one language to another.


The Value in French Castles

The Value in French Castles

December 14, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

Castle Values in France

That notwithstanding, the people who owned these castles knew what it meant to have a great home. Most of them had their compounds maintained to the highest standards ever. You will find great trees, flowers, flora and fauna at these castles. The French are known for their love for art. These people would invest so much art in their chateaus that it could easily be turned into a museum. By saying that, it means that buying a French castle is as good as investing in a piece of antique. The value in those homes cannot be possibly described by words. It can only be summarized as getting more than the value of your money. If you are looking to invest in such a home, a French chateau is the best place to start.

Why Invest in French Castles?

Nowadays, with the rising costs of living, more people want to get a quiet place to cool off from the busy life in the cities. What can be better than a finely constructed and well maintained French castle? The truth is that most people now have two or more jobs. If not, some are in the process of looking for part-time jobs to boost their income and maintain the lifestyles they were used to. If you work hard to get a good lifestyle, you should also live proper. Investing in these chateaus may seem quite expensive in the beginning. On the other hand, the benefits by far outweigh those costs. You can imagine always having a place you can go and enjoy a peaceful life.

Escaping from the demanding town life cannot be better than going into a castle to enjoy the peace it has to offer. As a matter of fact, most castles are in the French countryside, where you can have all the time to relax. Many people are known to have set out to purchase farmhouses yet fell for the French castles. Inevitably, their beauty is something you cannot ignore or live without.

Why do the French Value Castles?

Yet again, French chateaux were built by important families. These families wanted to show their financial might. They therefore invested their best in these homes. They enlisted the services of the best architects then. The designs and quality of these structures cannot be doubted. They were built to the best standards that even most of the houses these days are not their match.

These castles, apart from the scenic countryside view their proportion is just perfect. They are large enough meaning that they are adequately spacious. Equally, they are small enough to give you the cosines you would desire. There are very few places you will get such great houses with all those combinations. Naturally, French Chateaux were built better than you can imagine. Their architectural designs were unique, a factor that makes them very beautiful and comfortable too.

French Castle Owners

Those who own the castles are recorded to have confessed spending up to 8 months or even a year before going into some rooms. You can imagine owning a castle with 35 rooms. This is more than enough space for you, your family and visitors. The castles have very thick walls, not like what you see in houses these days. The architects were very generous with building materials since the owners had no problem paying for the exaggerated services. The extravagance has found its use in the present day conditions. During summer when temperatures are at their highest, these walls normally make the house cool. It takes time for the heat to penetrate them to the inside of the house. In addition, during winter when everyone is chilling, once you heat your house, they do so much to retain heat. Heating has become very expensive these days and the less you do it the better.

Why Buy a French Castle

Why Buy a French Castle

December 13, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

Buy French Castle

There are different kinds of houses that you can choose from. In addition, you can choose to live anywhere in the world as long as you can afford it. However, the big question is, why buy a French castle? Many people ask this question yet they never get a satisfactory answer. Nonetheless, to give a comprehensive response to this question, it is essential to look at it in two different angles.

To begin with, you should ask yourself what are some of the things that make France a favourable place to buy a castle? Thereafter, you should ask yourself what are the qualities that make French castles stand out from the rest.

The truth is that a good number of the international celebs, renowned business people and other successful people in the society all have their eyes set on the finest homes in France. You will find most chateaus graced by full-grown cypress and olive trees. The big casement windows that overlook beautifully maintained gardens are irresistible to these people. If you are undecided about buying a castle in France, the reasons below will turn you around. 

Lifestyle and History of French Castles

For the most part, French castles date back between the 16th and 18th centuries. They have so much life in them. They hold a lot of history that entail renowned people and famous families. Owning such a home is an honour by itself. You would end up being part of history by being associated with some great families and incredible pieces of architecture. When you compare these chateaus to a brand new home, you will not fail to fall for the magnificence of the castles.

Buying a French castle and living in it has other unique advantages. For example, those who have an interest in learning other languages like French, Italian and German; this is the place to be. By virtue of living in a French castle, you will have to learn French for you to communicate effectively with the locals. As if that is not enough, France is next to Italy and German. For that reason, there are a number of TV channels that broadcast in Italian and German languages. This could help in boosting your mastery of those languages. There are also other TV channels from Asia and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, other resources at the libraries and bookstores will make it very easy for you to learn those languages.

If you want to live in a place that you are comfortable living within your means, you should consider getting one of those French castles. At the outset, there is less of the persuasive advertisements that will always persuade you to buy almost anything. Impulse buying is one of the things that make people spend beyond their budgets and find themselves without money.

Furthermore, air conditioning systems in France are just the best. The temperatures are reasonably set, not going to low to make you feel as though you are freezing. You will therefore get all the comfort you need in your castle. The people here are also not so obsessed with celebrities as is the case with other countries. There is less influence from the pervasive reality TV that makes people lose their heads. You can live a comfortable life in your castle, devoid of external influences.

Why do People Buy French Castles?

Most people would want to live in a safe place. By buying one of the French chateaux, you can be assured that you are in one of the safest environments ever. Some countries are said to have more guns even than the population of its citizens. However, France has very little gun presence. The people there are more content with life just as it is. They are never in pursuit for too much greatness and power. In fact, this would be the perfect place to raise your children.

How Are Castles In France Built?

French castles were uniquely constructed. It took a combination of skills, art and resources to build them. They are highly revered all over the world. Owning a castle is not the same as having a French chateau. These chateaux were owned by people who have gone down in history as some of the most remarkable statesmen. It is very satisfying and a source of pride to be known as having lived in a house and shared the greatness of some of the greatest and most influential people in history.




Castle Investment Opportunities

Castle Investment Opportunities

December 13, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

Castle Investments

Buying a French castle can be a worthwhile investment. Real estate prices have been very shaky with the demand for housing being unstable. However, this is not true when it comes to chateaux, especially those in France. Their value keeps rising with the passing time. You may choose to see it as an investment for the future. Buying it now and selling it after some years could earn you great profit since the value would have appreciated. However, with most houses in the real estate industry, you will sell them at lower prices than you bought them.

People tend to imagine that the owner having stayed in the house, its value reduces. It is similar to buying a second-hand car. On the other hand, the same can never be said to these priceless homes. In fact, they are considered to be the best homes in France. Very few commodities would attract higher prices than the one you bought them with, when you are selling them. If a French castle is one of such assets, then clearly it is a must have item.

At the same time, you may give it another business perspective. As it was earlier said, most celebrities and renowned people in the society have a soft spot for castles. You can buy a French castle and rent out to anyone who wishes to stay in them. For instance, Hollywood stars and couple Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are said to have stayed in a French castle with 35 rooms as they awaited the birth of their twin babies. In fact, it is believed that they hired it for three years. What is more interesting is the fact that they are now shopping for a fine castle in France to buy.

With such prospects, it is clear that castles can be a worthwhile investment for you. Even for those who rent the castles to the most successful business people, it does not mean that they can never enjoy staying in those homes. The house is not always on hire. It is the same case with guest rooms. There are times when there are no visitors. You can use this time to spend in your lavish home. Furthermore, you have the right to choose when and to whom you will hire your castle to. At the end of the day, your castle can serve as a beautiful and peaceful place for you to relax and an extra source of income. It all depends on your needs and whether you are willing to give it a try.

Naturally, castles are liked by the most successful people in the society. You could be surprised by how you can make just by renting it out once. These are people who want to fulfill their lifetime dreams, which are driven by intuitions, emotions and the need to experience different lifestyles. They can pay any amount of money just to have a feel of the rare homes. Thereafter, you would have become richer, yet the castle will still be your disposal.

Do Castle Investment Hold Their Value?

If you buy your castle with the hope of selling it at better prices, you should not worry that it could be affected by the shifting market rates. Prices for castles always remain constant and may shoot up when the seller needs a better price. The people who come to buy these homes are successful businessmen. They rarely rely on mortgages or any kinds of loan to pay for the chateaux. As a castle owner, you have more chances of getting profits from the sale of the home since its buyers are never affected by the credit crisis currently being felt all over the world. In fact, for the most part, rich persons are looking to buy great properties that could also be an investment. Therefore, whenever you have the opportunity to buy a French castle, you should not hesitate knowing the returns it can offer you.

Factors to Consider When Investing in a Castle

While most buyers would want a home that is close to infrastructure and communication lines, it is not a major factor when it comes to castles. In fact, a good number of those who want to live in chateaux are driven by the desire to get away from busy lives. Communication lines, airports and roads are never essential for most buyers. Therefore, you should not worry about landing great deals that are remotely located. If you are an investor, you will still find serious buyers interested in your property after some time. Research indicates that buyers are normally interested in getting a castle with a style that suits and the location normally comes as a secondary factor.

While most homes are meant for the local market, the scenario is very different when it comes to castles. They have a broad market ranging from the local to international markets. Nothing can be further from the truth with the insurgence of international celebrities looking to spend time in French castles. If you buy a French castle for renting purposes, you should know that you have a very big market base. It could therefore be the best investment decision you can make.

French Property For Sale Chateau | Buy A French Chateaux

French Property For Sale Chateau | Buy A French Chateaux

May 14, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

French property for sale chateau.

A French property for sale chateau is perhaps the largest residence a person can buy. Words fall short when you describe a chateau. Adjectives like magnificent, grand, historic, impressive, spectacular and awesome come to mind when the word chateau is mentioned. Chateau for sale are commonly found in France. If you have big money to spend, you can own this piece of history either as a residence or for a business project.

A chateau comes with lots of open space, gate houses (sort of cabins), gites (French vacation homes), chapels and stables. Sometimes you can also become the lucky owner of a lake that comes with a chateau. The pride you feel when looking out of the window to see the vast land belonging to you is indescribable.  But let us come down to reality, this grandeur personified comes with big housing and council taxes. You may also need significant amount of money to redecorate it as per your wishes.

Buy a French chateau for residence.

A French chateau makes an ideal holiday home for a large family. It is also for those who want to spend their vacations with their friends and extended families. There are many summer activities that can be carried out outdoors such as having a garden party, exploring the woods and meadows and swimming in the lake. The grounds that come with the chateau vary in size with the least area covered being one hectare (approximately 2.50 acres).

A special event organized in a chateau becomes memorable and unique. A wedding in a chateau is quite a glamorous affair. Besides weddings you can also celebrate birthdays and events like Communion and bar mitzvah. The large dining areas can easily accommodate lots of guests. The spacious grounds and courtyards solve parking problems. If your party is in the rainy season, you can always have it under a marquee.

A chateau is grand and so is its price; an “ordinary” chateau costs around €300,000. While a spectacular and impressive looking structure may cost between €15,000,000 and €20,000,000 or more. More imposing and expensive chateaux are either owned by elite families or the county and are not for sale. There are also a great deal of chateaus for sale in France which are sold “off market”. This is due to the sellers wishing their details to be private.

Buy a French chateau for business purposes.

French chateau provides ideal settings for business ventures. Chateaux are mostly converted into sophisticated hotels, chambresd’hotes (similar to bed & breakfast) or wedding venues because of the large number of bedrooms, spacious reception rooms, a grand entrance, big well maintained gardens and if possible a pool.  Fishing is also possible in case of a well stocked river or lake. The large open area and the presence of outbuildings make riding schools a good option as well. You can find cheap chateau for sale in France if they need renovation. The costs are high and it is time-consuming but the rewards out weigh this.

People who own chateau with classic architecture and interesting features. These include things such as giant trees, maze, large lush green lawns, bubbling fountains, serene lakes, imposing marble staircases, giant bay windows. Valuable paintings and other pieces of art often open them to public for visits. In this way you can share the rich history of the place with tourists. Visitors will earn some additional income as well.

Although all chateaus for sale are graceful and fabulous to look at, the areas Ile-de-France, Normandy and Pays-de-La-Loire are the home to some spectacular and absolutely stunning French chateaux. Some of the famous chateaux in France are located in the regions of Fontainebleau, Chenonceau, Versailles, Chambord and Cheverny.  Chateaus for sale in south France the medieval city of Carcassonne is also known for its famous chateaux.

Decorating a French property for sale Chateau.

A chateau is an impressive piece of architecture. It requires something equally elegant, chic and refined such as a crystal chandelier to beautify it. A French property for sale chateau are usually luxuriously and tastefully decorated. Although they are quite formal looking, there is a homely comfortable feel associated with them. Every little detail is taken care of when decorating it from within. When decorating the chateau, people usually go for a combination of high fashion interior and “elements of the French countryside” to give it a unique and beautiful look. The interior designing also depends upon the taste and style of the individual. This gives the place a personal touch.

If you are looking to buy a chateau for sale in France in need of renovation we have put together some tips. To decorate a chateau with a chandelier, you need paints, painter’s tape and a chandelier of course. First of all you need to paint the walls of the chateaux.  Shades such as ivory, powdery blue or buttermilk yellow are most suitable for a chateau as these colors retain the elegance and classy look of the place. Often the walls are adorned with intricate woodwork or plaster and so you need to be very careful when painting the walls. Protect the crown molding from paint using the painter’s tape. You can later paint the crown molding white.

1 Elaborate window hangings lend an air of grace to the chateau. Use silk, velvet or satin fabric and make sure that it is longer than the window to make it look regal.

2. A crystal chandelier adds grace and glamour to the room. Select a chandelier according to the size of the room; for larger rooms select larger chandeliers whereas small chandeliers look good in small rooms. You can get chandeliers at rummage sales, antique stores and flea markets for a bargain price.

3. Make sure that you pick traditional pieces of furniture. These can be satin topped benches, chaise lounges, traditionally styled chests and pieces of French country style furniture to gel with the place. Mirrors with gold frame also look very pretty in a chateau.

4. The correct lighting and accents will make your chateau come alive. To recreate the old traditional French interior, go for gold floor lamps that hold chandeliers. Get hold of a couple of gold framed French Renaissance paintings to hang on the walls. Antique candle-holders  antiques chest-boards and pin-tucked velvet cushions on the sofas will give you the real feel of a French chateau.

By spending money and taking the time to decorate and renovate a chateau you will add considerable money. Not only will it give you the pleasure of restoring a historic building but it will add value as well. Prestige property online have A number of French property for sale chateau. We can offer a full package from start to end helping you every step of the way.


Cheap Chateau For Sale – Buy A Cheap Chateau

Cheap Chateau For Sale – Buy A Cheap Chateau

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Cheap chateau for Sale.

Chateaus are a prestigious asset to own so it is hard to find a cheap chateau for sale. The famous Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has found their little paradise in the form of a French chateau.  Maybe it was the pull of her French roots which led Ms. Jolie and Pitt to the absolutely stunning Chateau Miraval located near Aix-en-Provence. The couple has agreed to a three year lease on this 35 bedroom chateau. It will serve as their residence until their twins are born. Rumors are abuzz that the couple may invest in the French chateau.

Chateaux are considered to be the most elegant and beautiful of all French houses. Their increasing demand by European aristocrats, rich businessmen and international celebrities. It has transformed them from a select exclusive market to a rapidly growing one.

Different buyers have different reasons for purchasing chateaux. The regal architecture impresses some. Others are attracted by the history of the place. For some chateaux are exquisite pieces of art which come with a unique story and lifestyle. Whatever the reason be, chateaux are a great investment. The architecture of the chateaux is an important factor when buying a cheap chateau. The architecture varies depending upon the era in which the chateau was constructed. The most preferred styles of architecture are the 16th century Renaissance period “ fairy-tale chateaux with small towers”. The graceful and traditional style chateaux of the 17th. Along with the 18th centuries and the neo-renaissance construction prevalent in the 19th century.  Cheap chateau for sale are generally constructed in picturesque and isolated settings. They are a great place to lay back and relax and enjoy the quite French countryside.

The sheer size, architecture and the quality of construction are the most impressive features of the French chateaux.  The fact that they were designed and built by some of the great names in the field of architecture. In addition families that wanted to make their mark through their grand residences adds to the charms of the chateaux.  The external grand architecture is complemented by the internal comfortable one. The walls are generally thick which makes them almost sound proof. The thick walls also act as good insulators. They keep the place cool in summers and retaining heat during winters. Cheap chateau for sale in France are thus graceful pieces of European art that are also energy efficient.

French chateaux are impressive, elegant and rare. They are unlikely to lose their value even when the prices of properties are unstable and show a downward slump.  The price range for chateaux is quite diverse and varies from € 750,000 to € 7,000,000. It may go up to ten million to fifteen million Euros. This depends upon the woods, lands and vineyards that come with it. Owning a French chateau in this price range is more than just owning an expensive piece of property. It is about fulfilling dreams and embracing a new lifestyle. With the demand to find cheap chateau for sale high the market is also trying to figure out a mid-range price level.

How do you find cheap chateau for sale?

It  has been observed that evaluating French chateaux is not easy. It is due to all of them have unique features. The price is often determined not by the structure itself but by the whims of the sellers and buyers. Sometimes the sellers decide against selling. The buyers may change their mind but the price and value of the chateau remains the same. The only factor that varies is the decision time needed to sell.  Over the past twelve months, there have been many inquiries about chateaus for sale. This has shown that the interest and demand of the chateaux remains the same.  A flexibility in buyers’ attitude has however been noticed. They are ready to make compromises.

Is now a good time to buy a cheap chateau?

The slump in purchasing is because of the declining prices of real estate. That has made the clients wary. However slowdown does not concern exclusive properties like chateaux. Here the demand is greater than the offer. Most chateaus for sale in France belong to the rich club (top executives or successful businessmen). They are not dependent on mortgages. This makes buying a chateau and selling easier.  To own a chateau in France is the dream of many high profile people. It is interesting to note that the price of a French chateau is more affordable. This is when compared to the prices of the properties they may own in cosmopolitan cities like Moscow, London or Hong Kong.

Who are buying cheap chateaus at the moment?

Instead of discouraging chateau buyers, the credit crisis is generating greater interest in private buyers. These are seek to buy a cheap chateau for a bargain purchase. A French chateau is a unique and a long-term asset. The rich and wealthy are keen to invest in it. The busy lives of the people have made communication links. Close proximity to international airports; train links and highways a deciding factor when purchasing property. Closeness to these communication links has thus added to the value of the property. Bargain seekers therefore have to go deeper into remote areas to buy property. Chateau for sale in France in areas of Normandy, Loire, Burgundy and the South-West.  The number of chateaux, the period and quality of construction. The nearby transport links are different at different places.

The buyers of chateaux can be divided into two categories. Those for whom location is important and those who give priority to their requirements followed by location. The buyers who come under the second category are usually second-home owners. They just need to spend some quiet time for a few weeks in serene and peaceful surroundings every year.  The chateau market for this category is not limited to regions but is international.

Points to consider when buying a cheap French chateau.

If you intend to live in the chateau, then carefully consider every angle. Actually living there can be a bit depressing.

Make sure that the outbuilding (shed) is not in a dilapidated condition. Often owners neglect the outbuildings which mars the beauty of the chateau.

If you intend to use the chateau as a holiday home. Ask someone watch it from time to time. An isolated chateau is an invitation to burglars.

In case the chateau is on farmland and you are not a farmer yourself then it is advisable to maintain friendly terms with neighboring farmers. You may need your neighbour’s help if you get “snowed in” during winters.

Chateau For Sale In South France

Chateau For Sale In South France

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Chateau for sale in south France.

Prestige Property On-line sell some of the finest Chateau for sale in south France. French Chateaus are always associated with honor and prestige. The luxury and sophistication attached to French chateaus is not something commonly found in other properties around the world. France is a region where Chateau exists in abundance. The majesty of French Chateau is sure to attract any buyer with an enormous budget. If you have a well thought out plan, then the Chateau in south France could just be yours.

The surrounding estate of a Chateau often comprises many appealing features. From the window of your Chateau, you can overlook verdant landscaped gardens, beautiful walkways, stables and even lakes. When you view the beautiful scenery outside, you can be assured all that you survey belongs to you. Prior to finding your perfect Chateau for sale in south France, you need to make an informed decision without just buying it on an impulse. The housing and council taxes that need to be paid on French Chateau are really high. You have to decide if your resources will allow you to run the Chateau on a day-to-day basis.

Find a Chateau for sale in south France for yourself.

A French Chateau is perfect for someone having a large family and lots of friends and extended family circle. A family that loves to holiday frequently in an elite place would be suited to possess a Chateau. A host of outdoor activities such a swimming in the lake, exploring the forests,  hunting and horse riding can keep the family occupied in the summer months. Most chateaus for sale in France are housed in a minimum 1 hectare of land. The children are sure to find this a paradise with vast areas of land to play and run about.

Due to its, enormous size, it is ideal for purposes such as weddings, communion or bar mitzvah. You can make your special event even more special by hosting it in an idyllic place like a French Chateau. Owners can choose to convert their Chateau into venues for special events. With ample space for parking and marked areas for dining, the French Chateau certainly comes with an aura of romance associated with them.

The most stately and resplendent chateaus for sale in south France can range anywhere between 15,000,000 and 20,000,000 EUR. Chateaus that are more expensive than that are usually not for sale but inherited by families or owned and converted in to a museum by the local county. You can find cheap Chateau for sale in France more in the northern part rather than south. If you are looking for a bargain then Chateau for sale in France in need of renovation should be right up your street.

Find a Chateau for sale in south France to run a business.

Buying a Chateau for sale in France with the idea of converting it into a tourist place is a wise decision. Some of the popular options that can be exercised are converting the Chateau into an exclusive hotel or as a wedding destination. Those looking to have a wedding can be assured of all the facilities such as banquet halls, imposing entry area, a number of well decorated rooms and dining areas. Water sports such as sailing and fishing can be introduced if you are looking to expand your tourism business. A large amount of open space can be ideal for opening an equestrian school.

Your existing Chateau can also be converted into a museum. With features such as sculptures, unusual paintings, interesting architecture, marbled stairs and acres of landscaped gardens. You are sure to attract curious visitors to your French mansion. It is another wise way to earn an income. It is also an opportunity for tourists and locals to learn about French history, culture and heritage. Some of the most stunning Chateau for sale in South France can be found in Pays-de-la-Loire, Île-de-France and Normandy. The most well-known Chateau are found in Fontainebleau, Cheverny, Chenonceau, Versaiiles, Chambord and the Southern French region of Carcasonne.

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