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Cheap Chateau For Sale In France

Cheap Chateau For Sale In France

March 6, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

Cheap Chateau for sale in France.

There are many cheap Chateau for sale in France. It is a vast country with different ambiance and feel in different regions. There are many departments of French Chateau varying in style and size. Prior to purchasing a Chateau, it helps to learn about the different regions. You need to find which one suits your taste best. This will help you in decide as to in which region to buy a Chateau. The northern province of France where Paris is located is very different from the South of France. There is a drastic difference in ambiance environment and atmosphere through France. It is important to make sure the region as well as the Chateau you choose do suit your lifestyle.

Cheap Chateau for sale in France is located in the Mediterranean are different from the ones housed in Normandy. The radical differences in the weather make people to acquire varied tastes. For instance, since the South is sunnier, shade is preferred here than the other regions. A garden in one of the Chateau in the South of France will have vast outdoor shaded areas. This is for people to enjoy the balmy weather and sit outside more often. Gardens in the Chateau of Northern region will have fewer shaded areas keeping in mind the difference in temperature.

Where can you find cheap Chateau for sale in France?

You will find cheap Chateau for sale in France in less popular areas. The differences in the Chateau in the varied regions do not stop with makeup and gardens. The look and size of the Chateau differ from region to region. For instance, the northern region of France houses the Chateau de Pierrefonds is different from the Chateau de Chambord in the Central part of France in Loire Valley. The wonders of French architecture are evident in just a few hours’ drive from one region to another.

The Chateau de Chambord was built as a hunting lodge is situated near a lake. Its steeple towers are one of the most renowned pieces of architectural splendour. The north facade imparts a symmetrical appearance. Built for Francois I, this majestic castle houses more than 800 carved columns. The Chateau is more elaborate and artistic erected than previous more practical castles.

The history of a Chateau for sale in France can add to the value. Age is the foremost difference between the Chateau de Chambord and Chateau de Pierrefonds. The Chateau de Chambord was constructed in the 16th century style. Chateau de Pierrefonds was built several hundred years ago. The Pierrefonds was erected as a military stronghold. It has fewer ornamental measures incorporated in the decor. The towers are constructed in a defensive style. The castles built-in the medieval military style are different from the later Chateau.  These were erected in the Renaissance style.

Chateau is a general term the rural castle in France. The style and decor of the Chateau keep changing through the centuries. The Medieval Chateau is far distinct from the Renaissance Chateau. These have been built few hundred years apart. Chateaus for sale are simple large houses with vineyards and gardens on the grounds.

Find a cheap Chateau for sale in France.

There are lots of Chateau for sale in France in need of renovation. This is when you can find a bargain as long as you have the money to carry out the work. If you do find a cheap Chateau for sale in France then you need to look into the costs of renovation before proceeding. With historic properties it can be expensive to carry out the renovation work. Prestige property on-line have a wide selection of chateaus for sale in France. Find out more information on available properties for sale search for cheap chateaus on our website.

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