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French Chateaux For Sale – Why Buy A French Chateau?

French Chateaux For Sale – Why Buy A French Chateau?

December 20, 2013 in Blog, Chateau News by

French Chateaux For Sale

Imagine a vision of mystique surrounded by a foreboding sense of romance. The imposing manor house with the ornate trappings of a medieval touch has an expansive land view from the windows that gives you that sense of only looking at your land.

With or without fortifications, this country house of nobility is a towering figure in the Real Estate fraternity. Chateaux were built both for the grand outlook and a security haven for the loved ones of the upper echelon class in the nineteenth century.

What is the difference between French Chateaus and English Castles?

The French Chateau is an exclusive Residence of the Lord of the Manor with stables, a brewery, a housing unit for servants just but to mention a few all at the disposal of the owner. Perhaps what distinguishes the Chateau from the English Castle is the eerie image of mystery surrounding every piece of the property with a full touch of romance giving it a sense of unchallenged superiority.

With the clarification of the law on income and wealth in France, the large estates offer  a better value for money compared to other high-end property Chateaux have a large and expansive chunks of land accredited to them with an array of floor space, lakes and  outbuildings.

Usages of a French Chateaux

A French Chateau is a property that can be bought for the tourism business or a home in a far way country for your family to use as a Holiday destination.

Remember, while buying a chateau you have an option of acquiring a property with little land and a large and imposing house that can be used for accommodation as a Hotel or a small house and a huge tract of land that can be utilized for hunting and other outdoor sport.

Based on the aesthetic historical value of the Chateau, many a bride would dream of doing a wedding in one of these locations be it to have an everlasting memory of their wedding day. They offer a perfect setup for this romantic rendezvous.

All chateaux have their own style of decoration whether they are from the 10th or 20th Century. Dependent on the ownership, the different decorations and trappings in the chateau will bespeak of different periods during the change of ownership.

More-so, this will be explained by the financial ability or disability of the previous owner or owners. In real sense, you are buying a priceless piece of history when you invest in a Chateau.

French Chateaux Prices

French chateaux for sale prices range from 300,000 Euros to 20 Million Euros. The more you spend initially will largely depend on the amount of land you get and the floor space of the building. After the initial investment you may or may not need to do some renovations depending on the property you acquired.

In most cases the time taken to do the renovations could be more than anticipated but will be within your budget if you know what you bargained for.

Acquiring a chateaux in France can be a rewarding venture that will not only fulfil your dream of living in the historical romance stories only found in France, but you can also make it a profit making endeavour by turning it into a Hotel full with restaurants and great rooms.

This way you will also give the wedding couples a chance of living their dream of getting married in the splendour and grandiose only provided by a Chateau. Good luck as you search for one of the pieces of History that makes France the choice of any a tourist.

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