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Ski Property For Sale | French Chalets Sales

Ski Property For Sale | French Chalets Sales

June 16, 2013 in Blog, French Property News by

Ski property for sale.

You will find some of the best ski property for sale in the Alps. Some of the best ski slopes of Europe are present in France which is also known for the magnificent terrain, lively ambiance and the stunning beauty of its ski resorts. The ski property market in France survived the recession and is galloping its way to recovery making the idea of owning a ski chalet in France all the more desirable.

Finding ski property for sale which is affordable has however become difficult. The prices of ski chalets in the most popular ski resorts have taken a huge upward leap making them quite out of reach of many.  However if you are willing to make some compromises and with few intelligent decisions you can get a ski property in France that is not only within your budget. It will also prove to be a good business opportunity by bringing in handsome profits.

Those who have recently traveled to the popular ski resort of Chamonix must have noticed that it has undergone tremendous transformation. Newer and even more luxurious chalets have cropped up.  Development has also taken place in the town making it quite modern. All the growth and development has made Chamonix quite expensive. Even the price of property in the adjoining areas such as Argentière has risen considerably.

There is however some hope for those who are seeking a French ski property for sale within a budget. Those with limited resources should either go for some ski property that needs renovation or some property that is located at a distance from the main ski resort. For instance for a sum of money as little as a quarter million pounds. You can either buy a single bedroom apartment in a fashionable ski resort or you can buy a considerably big property with lots of open land at a distance from the ski resort.  You can renovate this property and rent it out to budget tourists. Many tourists come to France to enjoy the winter and summer activities. While some of the tourists can afford to stay in expensive ski-in ski-out properties, there are some who travel on a budget. Look  for ways to keep the trip within budget. These tourists are willing to rent accommodations that are at a walking distance from the main resort but have low rents.

France chalet sales.

Properties that are situated at a driving distance from the ski resorts are even cheaper. However they are also less desirable as a rental accommodation. But if you use some common sense and keep the rent as reasonable as possible, it will be rented out too and you will be able to cover your expenses.

Most of the ski resorts in France are situated on the northern side of the Alps. This area gets the most snow and the terrain here is also more suitable for skiing.  Although the northern side is the prime location for ski resorts. There are other areas too that enjoy snow in winter and bathe in the golden sunshine during summer. The ski resorts in these areas offer year round activities. The ski chalets for sale in these areas are not that expensive and collect good rent throughout the year.

France has successfully shaken off its image as a winter holiday destination. It now offers other attractive options such as rock climbing, hiking and walking activities in spring and mountain biking, cycling, horse riding, water surfing and golf during summers. So if you want to invest in French property from a purely business point of view, you will not be disappointed. Your chalet can bring year round income.


Skiing in France is one of the most enjoyable activities and that’s why tourists come here from far and wide. Besides skiing, a number of spring and summer activities also keep the place crowded with tourists. If you are thinking of investing in a French chalet sales and are on a budget then try to find one which is located near a ski resort that offers year round activities. A chalet away from the main resort will be less expensive and can be rented out to those who seek budget accommodations. Instead of a ready to use accommodation you can also buy one that needs renovations. In this way you will be able to purchase a bigger property and after necessary works, rent it out.

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